Personalized Physiotherapy Care

Our physical therapists are experts in motion. Our clinicians undergo advanced training and pursue certifications, which give them the experience and education to provide you with the highest standard of care.

Easy Allied Health Provides Insurance-Covered Therapy, Billed Directly To Your Insurance Provider.

Shockwave Therapy in Lower Mainland

Effective for:
Acute and chronic pain
Arthritis pain
Ankle and foot injuries
Back and neck pain
Hand trauma and upper extremity injuries
Hip and knee injuries
Joint replacement
Leg injuries and knee pain
Muscle strains and sprains
Orthopedic injuries
Overuse injuries
Personal and auto injuries
Pain related to women’s health and pregnancy
Pre- and post-surgical conditions
Repetitive stress injuries
Shoulder and elbow injuries
Sports and performance injuries
Work-related injuries

Why Our Treatment Works

Easy Allied Health Physical Therapists are experts at enabling function. Taking a client-centered, and evidence-based approach, they provide support to client’s whose health condition prevents them from performing everyday activities. Our physical therapists are also subject to advanced training and pursue certification to equip themselves with the experience and education necessary to give the highest standard of care you deserve.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

No two people are the same, so your treatment plans shouldn’t be either. That’s why our adept physical therapists tailor your treatment plan to you. Our experts listen, learn, and dedicate themselves to your progress to optimize your health while offering a wide variety of treatment plans to do so.

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FAQs On Physiotherapy

Don’t worry. If you don’t see or recognize your condition, that doesn’t mean we cannot treat you. You can schedule an appointment and let us evaluate your condition and customize a plan that suits you.

Because we personalize your treatment plan, the duration of your recovery is dependent upon your condition. Once you meet with your physiotherapist, they will evaluate your condition and devise your treatment plan. From there, you will be given a timeline of your recovery.

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive, therapeutic approach to recovery that focuses on retraining, strengthening, and stabilizing the parts of your body affected by pain, injury, illness, or disability. If you show signs of persistent pain, lack of mobility, or injury, physiotherapy may be the approach for you. That said, we can’t be sure until one of our trained physical therapists assesses your condition.  

With advanced training, certifications, and high-quality education, our physical therapists are experts in everything mobility. You can put your trust and confidence into our qualified clinicians as they not only treat your condition but create a plan specific to giving you the best and safest results. 

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