Head & Neck Injury

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Physiotherapy Can Effectively Treat Head And Neck Injuries

Head, neck, and cervical spine injuries are among the most common conditions treated in physiotherapy. Head and neck injuries vary in severity and may cause temporary or chronic pain.

Head and neck pain is often misdiagnosed. However, if left untreated, even mild head and neck pain can significantly impact a person’s overall well-being and productivity.

While they can be debilitating, most head and neck injuries are treatable, especially if diagnosed and addressed early on, and Easy Allied Health can help.

Common Head And Neck Symptoms

The cervical spine and neck area are especially vulnerable to injury from sudden movements, as they support and stabilize the entire weight of the head with limited muscle mass. Though more severe or complicated head and neck injuries may be referred to other specialists, our physiotherapists are well-positioned to treat a variety of conditions, such as:

How It Works - Your Treatment Options

In every case, you can expect your physiotherapist to gather your medical history, conduct an examination, and customize a treatment plan most suitable to your diagnosis. No matter your injury, our caring and compassionate physiotherapists offer careful attention. They strive to educate you and answer your questions every step of the way.

The type, frequency, and length of treatment will vary case by case and depend on an injury’s complexity and severity. The age and overall health of each patient are also determining factors. Your treatment may include:
Manual therapy
Physical rehabilitation
Pain management, including heat/ice application
Exercise regimen, including an at-home exercise plan

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