Geriatric Therapy - Specialized Services For Older Adults

We help seniors get out of pain so that they can remain fit, healthy and mobile.

Easy Allied Health Provides Insurance-Covered Therapy, Billed Directly To Your Insurance Provider.

Rehabilitation & Fitness Services For Seniors

Getting older doesn’t mean you must live with pain and restricted mobility. Instead of relying on painkillers and avoiding activity, Easy Allied Health offers you a chance to improve your quality of life with expert physical therapy treatments.

Easy Allied Health is successful because of the stellar performance of our dedicated, licensed physical therapists. While adhering to the highest standards, our clinicians use their advanced training and education to deliver optimal care to our clients.

What Are The Benefits

Some of the many conditions our physical therapists can effectively treat are:

What You Can Expect

You can expect immediate and personalized attention from our clinical team. When you consider that the average wait to see a doctor is twenty-four days, you can save many days of pain by choosing to see us first. Depending on your condition, our therapists help by doing the following.
Interviewing you to find out about your present physical state.
Pinpointing the source of your movement issues.
Showing you how to execute the therapeutic exercises.
Employing massage or stimulation to advance healing.
Helping you learn how to use wheelchairs and walkers correctly.
Managing your records while monitoring your goals and progress.
Preparing you and your family for an in-home therapy program.

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Geriatric Therapy FAQs

Yes. The Easy Allied Health team has the expertise to treat chronic pain, a complex syndrome that involves many of your body’s systems. They will address every aspect of your chronic pain, such as:

  • By easing nervous system sensitivity, our therapist can lower your pain threshold.
  • They will attempt to identify the cause of your chronic pain, which can stem from digestive problems, toxicity, blunt force trauma, or a direct injury.
  • They collaborate with various traditional and alternative physicians to provide the best pain management plan for you.
  • Prescribe the right amount of light exercise to stimulate healing without contributing to the problem.

Our team also has numerous years of collective experience in treating fibromyalgia, myofascial, and chronic fatigue.

The licensed health professionals at Easy Allied Health can provide in-clinic or at-home physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. We will visit your office, home, hospital, care home, aquatic center, or gym.

Physical therapy is compatible with many forms of treatments given by various providers, including nutritionists and naturopaths. As a practice, our therapists collaborate with other health professionals to enhance your recovery.

We design our physical therapy to avoid pain. When your pain level increases, it causes a chain reaction that restricts and alters your range of motion. As the pain cycle continues, it can lead to further injury by causing you to move in awkward patterns. We avoid this condition by prescribing exercises that strengthen your muscles without contributing to the problem.

You don’t have to endure your pain or limited motion any longer. To get an assessment, schedule an appointment today at Easy Allied Health. We serve both Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam, plus the surrounding areas.

We provide customized Physiotherapy for Retirement Homes, Rehabilitation and Fitness Programs across the Lower Mainland.

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