Dr. Shervin Ranjbar, Chiropractor

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Dr. Shervin Ranjbar

Dr Shervin is a patient-centred functional Chiropractor focused on improving the state and function of your joints, muscles and nerves. He treats a variety of patients from all walks of life and welcomes anyone wanting to try a non-invasive, gentle and natural way of addressing pain and dysfunction. With over ten years of post-secondary education and eight years of clinical experience, he thoroughly assesses your concerns, provides you with an efficient plan of management, and tailors his treatment techniques to your age, preferences and needs.

His collaborative treatment style fosters a team-based recovery model and often involves your family physician, physiotherapist, massage therapist and kinesiologist.

Whether you're a first-time patient, injured in a car accident or an elite athlete, you can rest assured knowing your care and recovery will be his top priority.