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We strive to provide our patients with unparalleled care, servicing the lower mainland and surrounding areas. Book a consultation with us and we’ll get you back to being you!

Easy Allied Health Provides Insurance-Covered Therapy, Billed Directly To Your Insurance Provider.

Our Counselling Services

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Abuse (Physical and Emotional)
Anger Management
Childhood Trauma
Common Mental Health Disorders
ICBC Accident Counselling
Prenatal & Postpartum
Grief & Loss
Self-Esteem Issues
Stress Management
Family Issues
Repetitive stress injuries
Trauma (PTSD)

Why Choose Easy Applied Health Counselling?

At Easy Applied Health, you are an individual who requires personalized assistance and comfort during your mental health recovery. It doesn’t matter whether we help you at our clinics or your home. We want to provide you with the education and tools necessary to improve your quality of life.

Counselling In The Greater Vancouver Area

In addition to our physical health services, Easy Applied Health also provides support for mental health. Our licensed counsellor will work with you to maximize your therapy experience and help you improve your life through different sessions.

If you work long hours, have limited mobility, or lack transportation, our mobile counselling services will come to wherever you feel the most comfortable. Whether at home or your office, we know the importance of your safe space. We pride ourselves on providing the most hassle-free therapy experience possible for all in the Lower Mainland.

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Counselling FAQs

It might be scary or embarrassing to talk about specific issues with your counsellor or therapist. Remember that you are seeking treatment for your mental health, and the best way to get there is to talk about what's troubling you. Whether you talk about big or small issues, therapists are there to listen to you.

If it takes a session or two to open up, that's okay. It's your counsellor's job to validate your feelings and gently guide you toward treatment.

The first step in any client-counsellor relationship is getting to know each other. You may have already had a phone call assessment before meeting with your counsellor, but the first appointment will give your counsellor a personal feel for your needs. Therapists call this an assessment appointment.

Usually, your counsellor will ask you questions about you or your life and elaborate on your assessment. Afterward, they can decide on what treatment might be best for you.

A counsellor's job is to listen to you and guide you toward making the right life decisions. Remember that a counsellor is not supposed to judge you or tell you what to do. Sometimes, they might sum up what you have told them so that you can form a new plan of action. However, they will never pass judgment and tell you how to live your life.


Once the client has fully understood and clarified the problem areas, then the counsellor can work with them at their pace.