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What Is Mobile Therapy (and How Does It Benefit You?)

Armin Ghayyur

Armin Ghayyur

Have you found yourself in the position where you need physical therapy but you aren’t able to get to appointments?

There are plenty of reasons that appointments might not work for you. After an accident, injury, or surgery, though, it’s important that you see a physiotherapist so you can get back to your former self. How can you make this happen when you’re unable to visit your physiotherapist?

This is where mobile therapy comes in. Mobile physiotherapy brings the physical therapy and rehabilitation that you need right to your door. 

Does that sound right to you? Let’s talk about it. Keep reading for everything that you need to know about mobile therapy.

What Is Mobile Therapy?

Mobile therapy (or mobile physiotherapy) is a form of physical therapy that comes to you instead of you going to appointments. Mobile therapists bring healing to your door. 

Mobile physiotherapists are able to bring any required supplies with them to your “appointment.” You get the full range of physiotherapy benefits without the struggle of making time for an appointment and getting there on time when that may be difficult for you. 

In other words, there’s no difference between mobile therapy and standard therapy aside from how convenient mobile therapy is. Let’s talk about some benefits of mobile therapy that make the process so great.

It Fits With Your Schedule

One thing that gets in the way for many people who need to see a physiotherapist is the lack of accessibility when it comes to scheduling. 

Many of us work long hours and have busy schedules. Between school, work, any daily tasks, and taking care of family responsibilities, we have very little precious time to fit in everything else that we need. 

Does this mean that our physical therapy and rehabilitation should fall by the wayside? Of course not. 

When you opt for mobile therapy, you can get a professional out to your doorstep in a timeframe that works for you. You don’t need to spend extra time finding a babysitter, driving to and from appointments, or otherwise preparing. 

Whether your available time is at home or even in the workplace, someone can be there for you when you need it. 

No Transportation? No Problem

Do you struggle with a lack of transportation? Not everyone has a car, and anyone in a household with multiple people who drive knows that sometimes the family car isn’t always available. 

Furthermore, your injury may prevent you from driving, and we don’t always have someone available to drive us to and from appointments. 

If you don’t have local public transportation, this is a real problem. You shouldn’t let it stand in the way of your recovery.

Mobile physiotherapists drive to you so there’s no need for you to struggle with transportation. You can rest assured that you can make it to your appointment. 

Pain Shouldn’t Limit You

Are you seeing a physiotherapist due to pain or a lack of mobility? Whether it’s for a sports injury, a post-surgical condition, or anything else, physiotherapy is meant to heal you and improve your quality of life.

If driving or walking into a physiotherapist’s office isn’t a possibility because of your pain, you need the therapy now more than ever. 

When you use mobile physiotherapy, you don’t have to worry about straining yourself in order to get to your appointment. You don’t want to put yourself in more pain right before or right after your session, so staying at home is a great option. 

Your mobile therapist can do all of the work to help you feel better without you having to further damage your body by going to them. 

No Need for Anxiety

There are several mental conditions that can lead patients to be too uncomfortable to leave the house. There’s no shame in that, and it’s important that medical practitioners are able to handle these situations so they can best help all of their patients, not just the ones who are able to come in and see them. 

If you suffer from intense anxiety, it can be hard to drive, go outside, or feel comfortable interacting with others in a public setting. Some people suffer from medical anxiety specifically, so going into a healthcare environment can be too much to handle. 

If you suffer from agoraphobia, this fear is even more intense. It’s almost impossible to get the care that you need when it’s too difficult to see other people. 

When a mobile physiotherapist visits you, you get a one-on-one session in a place where you’re comfortable: your home. This should ease your anxiety so you’re ready to take on your therapy session. 

You Get Care In Your Own Environment

There are plenty of benefits to doing physiotherapy or occupational therapy in the comfort of your own home that has nothing to do with transportation or time. It might actually be more helpful for the therapist to see how you interact with your environment.

When you’re doing physiotherapy at an office, you’re doing this work out of context. Your physiotherapist has an idea of what kinds of functional movements are important for your healing, but this idea isn’t as accurate as it would be if they could see how you maneuver around your home or workplace.

The things that you do at home are important for your therapy and active rehab. Mobile therapy helps your physiotherapist come up with a treatment plan that suits your life based on the way that you live it. 

Do You Need Mobile Physiotherapy? 

If you’re recovering from an injury or illness, mobile therapy might be the right answer for you. You don’t have to rush to make appointments, struggle to find transportation or stress over social anxiety.

A caring professional can be at your door when you need them. What’s better than that?

If this sounds great to you, we’re here to help. Book an appointment today so we can get started. 


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