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The Role of Occupational Therapists in Car Accident Recovery

Armin Ghayyur

Armin Ghayyur

In 2018, there were almost 10,000 serious injuries from car accidents in Canada. Being in a serious motor vehicle accident can lead to trauma and it can be difficult recovering from car accidents. However, with support from occupational therapists, you can get help recovering. 

Do you want to learn more about the role of occupational therapy in car accident recovery? Keep reading this article!

Help Clients Feel More Stable

One of the first things occupational therapists do to help their clients is to help them feel safer and more stable. When you have gone through a serious traumatic accident, you may feel like you have lost control over your life. 

When you hire an occupational therapist, they can help you identify things that make you feel safer. These include objects, people, and even things like meditation to help you lessen your stress!

Allow Clients To Mourn Losses

When you have gone through a traumatic event, you may feel like you have lost something. If you were seriously injured, you may have lost the independence of your ability to do things on your own. 

If you are no longer able to do the things you loved to do, you may feel like you have no identity. Occupational therapists allow you to mourn your losses which can help you process your trauma. Not only will they help you learn how to become more mobile, but they will teach you to process your grief. 

Reintegrate Clients To Their Lifestyle

Another thing that occupational therapists can do is help you reintegrate to your lifestyle. Depending on how serious your trauma was and how badly you were injured, this reintegration will look different. 

However, reintegration allows you to return to a meaningful lifestyle. An occupational therapist will help you establish good routines, learn how to do daily activities, and will help you practice coping strategies. While physical therapists and kinesiologists help you regain movement, occupational therapy is meant to help patients regain the function to do daily tasks. 

Eventually, an occupational therapist will help you gradually expose yourself to your triggers to allow you to overcome your trauma and begin living your new life. With the help of an occupational therapist, you can improve your ability to take care of yourself and resume your responsibilities and life roles. 

What Does an Occupational Therapist Check

An occupational therapist will do all they can to learn about your disabilities. They will find out what you are unable to do on your own and will learn more about your goals. 

They will see how you can perform your daily activities and will measure the progress as you are working together. For example, an occupational therapist will look at your physical abilities. These include your strength, coordination, and more. 

These will allow them to set reasonable goals for your progress from where you are currently. 

They will also see what equipment you have that can help you. For example, many people who have lost their independence may need special tools to help them move around, dress, and more. 

How They Help Clients Overcome Disability

If you are looking to improve your abilities after suffering severe trauma, an occupational therapist can help. There are many things that they can do to help you through this process. 

First, they can teach you how to do daily activities with the abilities you have. If you have been in a wheelchair since your accident, they can teach you how to get around your house, how to transfer to a bed, and more. 

They can also help identify materials that will make your daily tasks more manageable. For example, they could install handrails in your home that will allow you to pull yourself up and balance. 

If you are in a wheelchair, they can add a ramp or even a stairlift into your home. These changes to your environment can make your daily tasks much easier and less overwhelming. 

Why Hire Occupational Therapists?

After being in a traumatic car accident, there are many reasons why you should hire an occupational therapist. As mentioned before, they can help you learn to cope with your trauma from an accident. While it is important to focus on your physical health, your mental and emotional health is just as important. 

Learning to cope with and overcome your trauma can change your life!

Another reason you should hire an occupational therapist after a car accident is because they will help you regain mobility and independence. When you are unable to perform daily tasks for yourself, it can be detrimental to your mental health

However, an occupational therapist can help you learn to be independent again and will teach out how to do things on your own. 

Finally, occupational therapists are trained to create treatment plans based on their clients’ needs. This means that you will have customized ICBC rehabilitation options that can help you recover from your traumatic car accident

Regardless of the type of injury or accident you have had, an occupational therapist can help you get back to the things you love!

Find an Occupational Therapist to Help You Today

If you have been in a traumatic car accident and have been seriously injured, it may seem difficult to bear. However, occupational therapists are trained to help you reintegrate into your lifestyle and treat your disabilities. Are you looking for a professional occupational therapist to help you recover?

Easy Allied Health can help! Our team creates custom treatment plans for each of our clients and can help you learn to move pain-free. 

Contact our occupational therapists today to learn more about our services, book an appointment, and get back to your lifestyle more quickly!


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