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Active Rehabilitation

We help people get out of pain so that they can remain fit, healthy and mobile without medications, injections or surgeries.

Lower Mainland's Top Choice For Active Rehab

While physiotherapy involves a hands-on, therapeutic approach to help restore and maintain function, active rehabilitation address’s your conditions through exercise programs. It’s more of a physical approach to your injury, illness, or disability hence the term instead of the therapeutic and educational approach of physiotherapy.

Being active is crucial for strengthening and restoring your mobility, which is why we focus heavily on active rehab for our patients in our rehabilitation program. Through active rehabilitation, our exceptional physiotherapists and kinesiologists strive to provide immediate results so you can live a better, pain-free life.

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Man and woman doing stretching exercises on a yoga mat.
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What is Kinesiology?

Active rehab involves the application of kinesiology, the study of human movement (Canadian Kinesiology Alliance). Just as a doctor would treat a patient with medicine, kinesiologists treat patients with exercise regimes. No matter your age or physical condition, kinesiology can be used to help you achieve your fitness goals, recover from a severe injury, manage a disability, and overall improve your quality of health.

Our trainers have worked with a variety of clients with specific rehabilitation needs, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • and more…

Why Choose Active Rehabilitation?

Active rehabilitation treats various conditions, whether it be a strain, sprain, pain, or any between. This form of therapy is an active approach, so it requires exercises and physical activities to restore and strengthen your muscles.

As opposed to physiotherapy or counselling options, this form of therapy is faster-paced; however, fast doesn’t always mean best. Choosing active rehab is dependent on your condition, so before you seek out the fastest option, schedule an appointment for an evaluation so our specialist can devise a plan best suited to your needs.

Why Choose Easy Allied Health

To get the best experience and education to care for you to the best of their ability, our experts undergo advanced training and pursue certifications. You can put your trust and confidence in them in our expert physical therapists as they not only have the best qualifications but the best intentions in mind when designing your personalized active rehabilitation plan.

Our highly-skilled physiotherapists and kinesiologists have worked with various conditions including, athletic injuries, auto accidents, hip replacements, and more. Not only do they design a custom active rehab regime to alleviate your pain and improve your health, but they also dedicate themselves to providing immediate results as well.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Whatever it may be, your condition is unique to you, so we make sure your treatment plan is too. Our physiotherapy and kinesiology experts take a one-on-one approach to evaluate your condition. From there, they will create your personalized exercise program to address your needs.

While the goal is always restoring and enhancing your health, we also dedicate ourselves to providing fast results. So, your personalized treatment plan not only relieves your pain, but it will help you return normalcy quicker.

How to Book an Appointment

To schedule your active rehabilitation session, you can click on the “book an appointment” button on our website. From there, you’ll enter our scheduling portal, where you can choose from either a specific session or practitioner. Once you choose, the availability calendar will pop-up. For an active rehabilitation session, be sure to select the kinesiology/athletic therapy option from the “our team” tab on the left-hand side.

You can call us at 604-537-7167 to schedule, or you can send us any questions you may have to our email at info@easyalliedhealth.ca. When you want to put your health first, schedule an appointment with Easy Allied Health.

FAQs on Active Rehabilitation

Here are quick answers to common questions about active rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy and active rehab can go hand in hand. Both are therapeutic techniques to address pain and mobility issues that result from injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. However, active rehab involves kinesiology, which implements exercise routines for a more physical, active approach.

Our expert trainers have worked with various patients with various needs, including arthritis, athletic injuries, Cerebral Palsy, knee replacements, hip replacements, multiple sclerosis, vehicle accidents, and more. That said, we can’t be sure of your condition and the specific treatment you need until we thoroughly evaluate you. You can schedule your initial appointment so we can assess your condition and address the proper treatment accordingly.

Easy! Our professionals are not only highly qualified, but they also create therapy programs centered around your needs. Whatever your rehabilitation needs, we are here for you and will support you throughout your recovery journey.

Kinesiologists are movement specialists. The exercises and work they devise target your specific body parts that suffer pain and immobility to retrain and strengthen them.

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Easy Allied Health is proud to serve Coquitlam and surrounding areas.