Active Rehabilitation

Personalized patient care is what sets Easy Allied Health apart. We proudly serve the Greater Vancouver Area and make it easy for our clients to reach their goals by coming to them.

Easy Allied Health Provides Insurance-Covered Therapy, Billed Directly To Your Insurance Provider.

Our Active Rehabilitation Services

Expect the highest standard of care
Acute and chronic pain
Arthritis pain
Ankle and foot injuries
Back and neck pain
Hand trauma and upper extremity injuries
Hip and knee injuries
Joint replacement
Leg injuries and knee pain
Muscle strains and sprains
Orthopedic injuries
Overuse injuries
Personal and auto injuries
Pain related to women’s health and pregnancy
Pre- and post-surgical conditions
Repetitive stress injuries
Shoulder and elbow injuries
Sports and performance injuries
Work-related injuries

Why Our Treatment Works

Our highly-skilled physiotherapists and kinesiologists have worked with various conditions including, athletic injuries, auto accidents, hip replacements, and more. Not only do they design a custom active rehab regime to alleviate your pain and improve your health, but they also dedicate themselves to providing immediate results as well.

To get the best experience and education to care for you to the best of their ability, our experts undergo advanced training and pursue certifications.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Whatever it may be, your condition is unique to you, so we make sure your treatment plan is too. Our physiotherapy and kinesiology experts take a one-on-one approach to evaluate your condition. From there, they will create your personalized exercise program to address your needs.

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FAQs On Active Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and active rehab can go hand in hand. Both are therapeutic techniques to address pain and mobility issues that result from injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. However, active rehab involves kinesiology, which implements exercise routines for a more physical, active approach.

Our expert trainers have worked with various patients with various needs, including arthritis, athletic injuries, Cerebral Palsy, knee replacements, hip replacements, multiple sclerosis, vehicle accidents, and more. That said, we can’t be sure of your condition and the specific treatment you need until we thoroughly evaluate you. You can schedule your initial appointment so we can assess your condition and address the proper treatment accordingly.

Easy! Our professionals are not only highly qualified, but they also create therapy programs centered around your needs. Whatever your rehabilitation needs, we are here for you and will support you throughout your recovery journey.

Kinesiologists are movement specialists. The exercises and work they devise target your specific body parts that suffer pain and immobility to retrain and strengthen them.

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